about impact tank


Impact Tank is a Namibian/Swiss venture builder that uses social entrepreneurship is its means to create sustainable impact.

unearthed.artisans was started as an Impact Tank project after recognising that incredibly creative, yet marginalized artisans, who love their work could be propelled into financial security by simply providing a channel for them into the global market. 

The unearthed.artisans project was inspired by similar projects around the world, however none yet focused on either Namibian artisans or the DACH market. Thus unearthed.artisans was born, piloted by Impact Tank, then spun off as a Swiss startup!

As unearthed.artisans has not yet reached profitability, Impact Tank still provides support, mostly by building the network of artisans in Namibia, providing tools and training and actively seeking donor partners whose contribution will catalyse success. 

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